ABHISEK GHOSH (Born in 1985) is better known by his pen name ALEX VEGA is an Indian author and entrepreneur. He was born to Bengali parents and was raised in the city of joy Calcutta (Now KOLKATA), INDIA. His father enrolled him in a reputed English medium school near home and later he went on to do his graduation in science. For seven years he worked in an NGO managed by his friend. He then shifted focus to optical retail business and is now working as a director in the company. His first book, “The Developments,” has been published in March 2018 which he had finished writing in November 2014. He is now working on two other novels which he wishes to publish very soon.Currently, he is a student of law and is trying hard to make a living as a full time stock trader.

Inspired by his grandfather who was an English teacher in a reputed government school in Kolkata and his father who is a retired administrative officer and happens to be very good in English, writing has always been a passion from childhood. He is already working on two other novels which he claims to be even better than his first one. He has also written a few poems which he hopes to publish in the coming future.

Peace be to all. Be Happy. Be Peaceful.